ROGH Global Company



Business Resilience, Reassurance, and Reliability Starts With Rogh Global Company Limited

Rogh Global Company Limited is an international service company providing expert management consulting services, general services and contracting, operations and technology support services, health IT services, and real estate consulting services to government, parastatals, quasi-government, and private entities.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with an additional office in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria. Rogh has positioned itself in two of the most active areas in Nigeria. The Rogh team is dedicated to providing clients with Business Resilience, Reassurance, and Reliability. 

Our Experience

Rogh employees bring more than 60 years of combined experience in the areas of general contracting, general services, procurement and outsourcing, real estate management and construction, Health IT services, and business development. We have a broad network of contractors and sub-contractors in Nigeria and across the globe that are made up of individuals and corporations.

The knowledge and capabilities we have gained through these networks has paved the way for us to build business resilience, reliability, and reassurance for our clients. Our years of experience provide Rogh with the ability to offer our clients exceptional services based upon best practices from both public and private sectors across the world.

Why Choose Us

Rogh understands that we live in a constantly changing world, therefore, it is imperative to say that our clients operate in a continuously evolving economic, both socially and politically and with limited resources. We integrate strategic approaches to help our clients better address challenges, improve sales, build upon growth, and take advantage of opportunities with innovative solutions.